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Nov 19th
3/17 Rice Donation to Cagayan De Oro City and Iligan City PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 March 2012 00:00

(Rice Donation Team leaded by Mr. David Shih, the President of TAP, pictured with Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and Maximo Rodriguez, and TAP directors.)

Sendong typhoon (international code: Washi) hit the southern Philippines late last year, leaving servere damage. Following the Government of Taiwan donated $150,000 for disaster relief in December 2011, Taiwan Association Inc of the Philippines donated 5,000 package of food & goods to the affected areas January 11, 2012. Taiwanese businessmen groupped up and worked hand in hand, visite five temporary shelters in Cagayan De Oro City and distribute rice and goods.

To continue the assistance, Taiwan Association Inc applied to the Committee of Agriculture of Taiwan to release 300 tons of rice, 160 tons of all sent to southern calamity area, the remaining 140 tons will be sent to other disaster areas in Luzon. Although the resettlement of the victims may extend to six months, but the Excutive Director of Food Humanitarian Assistance Operations, Wayne Chi, said that the Love From Taiwan will continue to accompany and assist victims recover soon from difficulties.

1. 2012/03/16, 3 donation team members went earliy to the Barangay Gym, and try to carry the heavy rice bag.

2. Rice Donation Team leaded by Mr. David Shih, the President of TAP, pictured with Congressman Rufus Rodriguez and Maximo Rodriguez, and TAP directors.

3. the simple and temporary tents.

4. a simple donation ceremony.

5. (from left) Minister of TECO, Congressman Rodriguez,  Mr. Wayne Chi (OCAC Advisor), Mr. David Shih (the President of TAP), Mr. Cua Sun-Ho from FCCEA.

6. Another shelter.

7. Rodriguez explains the purpose of rice donation, and introduces guests and donors.

8. Congressman Maximo Rodriguez and DDM workgroup picture with victims.

9. all rice bags loaded to the truck, ready to go calamity area.

10. Although victims are living with difficulties, they still prepare dance to welcome guests and express their appreciation.

11. city councilor and workgroup work together to turn over rice to victims.

12. victims line up to receive rice.

13. Congressman arranged security to protect donation team.

14. Iligan Area Congressman Vicente “Varf” Belmonte, Jr. joins the donation ceremony.

15. Congressman Vicente “Varf” Belmonte, Jr. introduce Taiwan Association Inc and DDM Dharma Drum Mountain Foundation, and explain the procedure to release rice.

16. Iligan Citizens line up to receive rice.

(source:   CNA, Taiwan Macro TV)


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